Money Saving Tip: Use One Policy for Multiple Purposes


Knowledgeable business owners know their business runs several risks for which life insurance is a prudent purchase. These include such things as key person indemnification, debt-protection, stock-purchase funding, and funding for carefully selected employee benefits. Sometimes, meeting these needs creates unnecessary, multiple policy charges and processing fees.


Let me audit your existing insurance program or design a new program to make sure your insurance premiums work as hard as possible for you. Sometimes this may only save a modest amount of money, but it will always simplify things for you.

Often, one policy can be designed to do double, triple, or even quadruple duty. One policy can provide key person and debt protection, as well as funding for stock purchase and employee benefits. This simplification and efficiency in premium use can help make sure hard-earned dollars work harder for you.

Here’s an example of “premium shaving” for a business that wants to insure an owner who is a 45-year-old male, at standard non-smoker rating:

# of Polices 4 # of Policies 1
Key Person $100,000
Debt Protection $250,000
Stock Redemption $500,000
Deferred Compensation $150,000
Total Insurance $1,000,000 Total Insurance $1,000,000
Total Premiums $12,562 Total Premium $12,100


*Premiums in this post are for illustration purposes only and it provides only general information.

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Aaron Peacock

Aaron Peacock

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