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Aaron Peacock

Hi, I’m Aaron Peacock and I am a marketing representative for Federated Mutual Insurance Company, which is one of the highest ranked insurance carriers in the nation. In addition to designing tailored commercial insurance packages for businesses, we also offer estate and business succession planning and life insurance to business owners and individuals.  I created this site to teach people about risk management for their businesses and their personal lives.

After my wife was severely injured by a distracted driver in 2017, I committed to learning as much as possible about the Danger of Distracted Driving and how we can all get better to make the roads a safer place.

The statistics are scary. The United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that distracted driving took 3,477 lives in 2015 and seriously injured 391,000 others. To give you some perspective, that’s more death every single year than the combined fatalities on 9/11 and every other domestic terrorist attack in the US since.

Driving isn't the only risk. Studies have shown that our work is suffering greatly as well. For instance, Stanford Business School has stated that "knowledge workers in the United States waste 25% of their time dealing with their huge and growing data streams, costing the economy $997 billion annually." 25%!

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PS. If you live in the US and have any needs for life insurance, I would love to be your life insurance rep. Most people buying personal life insurance use this method to figure out how much life insurance they need:

Total Debt + How many years of your income you want to replace + children's living or education expense + funeral expenses. Take that total amount and subtract your current savings and other liquid assets to find the amount of life insurance you should buy.  Here is a link to a calculator with some more information.

Federated Life is a subsidiary of Federated Mutual Insurance Company and we are a top rated life insurance company as ranked by Moody's Top 50 and A.M. Best, which are the industry's leading rating agencies. I think one of the most powerful things about my company is that we develop real relationships with our insureds by working with them directly and not through any brokers. We are financially sound and there is no fear of us not paying claims. We have very high service standards, our products are competitively priced, and if disaster strikes - I meet with my client's beneficiaries to help guide them through the process and will hand deliver all life insurance proceeds checks once the claim is settled.

If you want hire me for your life insurance needs, click here.

Aaron Peacock

Aaron Peacock

Hi, I'm Aaron and I'm a marketing representative for Federated Mutual Insurance Company - a Ward's Top 50 and an A.M. BEST A+ Superior rated insurance carrier. After my wife was severely injured in an accident involving a distracted driver, I've found one of my passions in life is to help educate people about the Danger of Distracted Driving and have started speaking to businesses in Western North Carolina on implementing the Federated Insurance DriveS.A.F.E. program. Click here to read more...